Defensive Carbine Class

January 29, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wyoming Gun Company
Wyoming Gun Company

This is an intermediate class. A basic firearm course is required before signing up for this class. This course will cover talking to the police, situational awareness, offsets, battle sight zero, carbine torture test, malfunction(s) clearance, reloads, transition to secondary firearms, cover and concealment, target identification, target acquisition, carbine maintenance, and a final. Those that pass the class will be awarded the Wyoming Gun Company Defensive Carbine patch.
Equipment needed for this class: A carbine with sights, (this could be a red dot, open sights, low power variable scope), a sling attached to the carbine, 3 magazines carried on your waist or a vest in mag carriers, your handgun with a hard sided holster that is specifically fitted to your gun, 3 magazines for your handgun, a stiff good quality gun belt, a flashlight preferably attached to your carbine, cleaning kit, hat, 500 of rounds of carbine ammunition, 100 rounds of pistol ammunition, hearing and eye protection. ABSOLUTLEY NO STEEL AMMUNITION! Wyoming Gun Company will have ammo for purchase for this class if needed. Please fill out the electronic waiver before the date of the class.