Everyday Self-Defense: Defensive Handgun Skills and Observation Skills

April 10, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wyoming Gun Company

What unusual times we are in!  With all the factors closely impacting our daily routines, our families, and our jobs, we are also surrounded by a world of unrest and uncertainty.  Running our lives and households smoothly and efficiently challenges our ability to control things close to us.

Please join us for this two-day class to practice your skills, learn new ones and have a plan.  With limited supplies of ammunition for practice, making the most of our time on the range is imperative.  We will work on the draw and re-holstering from belt holsters or bellybands.  Bring your concealed carry handbag or backpack and learn what works in it or doesn’t, how to draw and re-holster to it and how to manage it under various circumstances.

Ammunition is in short supply so bring what you have, even if it is only 100 rounds!  A previous Basic Handgun Class is required.